Bethesda Fine Art


Welcome to Bethesda Fine Art, metro DC’s newest gallery of contemporary paintings, prints, and works on paper by major 20th century artists.

The gallery showcases Washington Color School artists—who brought the focus of the art world to Washington, DC in the 1960s—and exhibits their work in relation to major abstractionists and color field artists working at the time. Exhibitions feature works by Josef Albers, Gene Davis, Frank Stella, Sam Gilliam, Sol LeWitt, Sonya Delaunay, Ilya Bolotowsky, Cynthia Bickley, Mark Dagley, and others.

We invite you to browse our diverse collection of artists and hope you find an exciting and dynamic mix—one that will appeal to both the established and the beginning collector.

Bethesda Fine Art is always interested in purchasing important 20th century art. Please contact us with any art inquiries.

Robert Motherwell

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