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In the late 1960's, the first Washington Color School artists adopted the technique of staining rough, unprepared, unsized canvas with thinned acrylic paint, allowing them to experiment with new possibilities for perceiving color, and shaking up the rules of painting itself. By thinning paint and using new techniques of application, the paint soaked into the unprimed canvas allowing for experimentation for artists like Paul Reed, who overlapped and layered color in his compositions, Gene Davis and Howard Mehring, known for their hard edge painting, achieving fluid yet defined forms of vibrant, solid color. Cynthia Bickley and Kenneth Young continued the early WashingtonColorSchool practices, but updated them with their own philosophies and motifs.

Bethesda Fine Art is an intimate space in downtown Bethesda that showcases the work of Washington Color School artists. During the 1960s, this group of abstractionists brought the attention of the art world to Washington, DC with their bold, often large-scale works. The gallery's extensive inventory allows for regular, carefully curated rotations of paintings, prints, drawings and sculptures by the best-known artists from DC, as well as major abstractionists working at the time.


Mimi Herbert

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